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Please review the case summaries listed below for examples of the successful outcomes that Jason Kadish has obtained for his clients in various Philadelphia criminal cases. Click the link for criminal case results from 2017. While each and every case is unique, our goal is to always achieve the best possible result for the client. Please contact the office today to begin discussing your situation with Mr. Kadish.

Attempted Murder, Assault & Firearm Possession – Acquitted of All Charges

Commwealth v. G.M. – Client charged with Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, and firearms charges after a shooting inside a diner. Police investigation into the shooting uncovers videotape of the shooting, which places client at the scene. Police then allege multiple witnesses identified client as the shooter.

During a jury trial, cross-examination of police and civilian witnesses call into question the identification of client as the shooter. Closer examination by Mr. Kadish of the recovered videotape showed client fleeing from the scene along with other patrons, without a firearm.

At the conclusion of trial, the jury acquitted client of all charges.

Attempted Murder, Assault & Firearm Possession – Acquitted of All Charges

Commwealth v. A.B. – Client charged with Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, and firearms charges after a shooting. The prosecution alleged client shot a man after a verbal dispute over money escalated.

Through cross-examination during trial, Mr. Kadish cast doubt upon the prosecution’s proffered motive, and the veracity of the shooting victim’s account of the incident. It was demonstrated that another individual, who was a well-known local boxing prospect, was initially accused of the shooting. The victim subsequently changed his story, alleging client was the gunman and the other individual was merely present with client.

At the conclusion of trial, the jury acquitted client of all charges.

Firearm Possession – Acquitted of All Charges

Commwealth v. C.J. – Client charged with possessing an AK-47 semiautomatic rifle and firing it into the air multiple times on New Year’s Eve.

Detectives alleged that they observed client in possession of the firearm at a New Year’s Eve party that had spilled out onto the street. They later apprehended client inside of the residence after partygoers, including client, had fled inside the residence and locked the door.

At trial, the identification of client as the person who possessed and fired the rifle was called into question due to lighting conditions and inconsistencies between the detective’s respective accounts of the incident.

At the conclusion of trial, client was acquitted of all charges.

Drug Dealing & Firearm Possession – Acquitted of All Charges

Commonwealth v. M.T. – Client charged with multiple felonies, including drug dealing, and possession of a firearm, along with the summary offense of driving with a suspended license.

Police alleged client was making drug sales from a van, which was later stopped for investigation. Police alleged a large quantity of crack-cocaine, money, and a firearm was recovered from inside the van.

Cross-examined during motion to suppress physical evidence and trial, the veracity of the police officer’s observations regarding the drug sales and recovery of the drugs and gun were called into question by Mr. Kadish.

At the conclusion of trial, client was acquitted of all charges except the summary driving offense.

Drug Case & Related Charges – Suppressed All Evidence Resulting in Prosecution Withdrawing All Charges

Commonwealth v. T.S. – The prosecution alleged that client was running an ongoing drug dealing operation from his apartment. After obtaining a search warrant, police alleged that they recovered a large amount of drugs, money, along with a firearm, from the apartment. A small amount of drugs was allegedly recovered from client’s car.

During a motion to suppress all of the evidence recovered from the apartment, Mr. Kadish demonstrated that the affidavit of the search warrant did not contain sufficient facts to allow law enforcement to enter and search the premises. As a result, the Court precluded the prosecution from using any of the evidence recovered from the apartment at trial.

The prosecution subsequently withdrew all charges related to the evidence recovered from the apartment. Client was subsequently acquitted of all charges related to the drugs recovered from the car, as the prosecution could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was aware of the presence of those items.

Drug Dealing & Firearm Possession – Prosecution Withdrew All Charges

Commonwealth v. S.S. – Client was accused of possessing a large amount of crack, with the intent to deliver, along with drug paraphernalia and a firearm.

Police had traveled to client’s residence to serve an arrest warrant for an unrelated offense that was later withdrawn prior to trial. Police, after the client was in custody, then re-entered client’s residence and searched a downstairs bedroom, under the guise they were retrieving clothing for the client. Police alleged that they recovered drugs, drug paraphernalia, and a gun inside of the bedroom.

During a motion to suppress, it was demonstrated by Mr. Kadish that police entered the bedroom without a search warrant or valid exception to the warrant requirement. Client’s family members could have retrieved the clothing and the police’s entry was without the consent of any of the family members.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the motion to suppress was granted and the Court precluded any of the evidence recovered from the bedroom from being used at trial. Accordingly, the Commonwealth then withdrew all charges against client.

Drug Dealing & Firearm Possession – Acquitted of All Charges

Commonwealth v. C.T. – Client was accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend by firing a gun multiple times on a Philadelphia street. At trial, the ballistics evidence recovered at the scene of the alleged incident – three fired cartridge cases – showed that the ex-girlfriend and other witnesses lied about where the alleged gunman was standing. Further, the location of the ballistics evidence indicated that the likely shooter was an associate of the ex-girlfriend. Client was acquitted of all charges at the conclusion of trial.

Aggravated Assault & Firearm Charges – Prosecution Withdrew All Charges Before Trial

Commonwealth v. K.H. – Client was charged with eleven (11) counts of Aggravated Assault and firearms charges related to a shooting in southwest Philadelphia. Client had an alibi defense placing him outside of Philadelphia at the time of the shooting. Investigation of the client’s social media and phone records established independent, scientific evidence of his alibi and led to the Commonwealth withdrawing all charges prior to trial.


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